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The Karunya Plus lottery forms part of several lotteries operated by Kerala State. Draws happen on a weekly basis, every Thursday at 3 pm. Many residents find themselves attracted to the Karunya plus lottery because of its tremendous jackpot of ₹80, 00,000 and single ticket price of ₹40 (depending on where you purchase it).


This article will discuss how to play the Karunya lottery plus and other interesting facts to make the most of your experience.

How the Karunya Plus Lottery Works

First of all, you need to decide where you will be purchasing your Karunya Plus lottery tickets. People have the choice of buying their tickets from any registered retail agent or online.

When you purchase your Karunya Plus ticket, you will be given a combination of two letters (for the Karunya plus the code starts with P) along with a code of digits ranging between 1-9. So, in essence, it will look something like this: PU 322246.

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Karunya Plus Prizes work as follows:

Prize Details Prize amount Number of prizes available Total Prize amount Odds of winning
1st Available in all series ₹80, 00, 000 1 ₹80, 00, 000 1:1,08,00,000
2nd Available in all series ₹10, 00, 000 1 ₹10, 00, 000 1:1,08,00,000
3rd Single prize in each series ₹1, 00, 000 12 ₹12, 00, 000 1:9,00,000
4th Last four numbers drawn 18 times ₹5,000 Up to 19,440 Up to ₹9,72,00,000 1: 1,111
5th Last four numbers drawn 34 times ₹1,000 Up to 36,270 Up to ₹3,67,20,000 1:833
6th Last four numbers drawn 80 times ₹500 Up to 86,400 Up to ₹4,32,00,000 1:312
7th Last four numbers drawn 126 times ₹100 Up to 136,080 Up to ₹1,36,08,000 1:217
Consolation ₹8,000 11 ₹88,000 1:982

Purchasing Karunya Plus Lottery Tickets online

If you want to stay in the comfort of your own home when purchasing a Karunya plus ticket, you’re in luck. There are multiple online sites where you can buy tickets.

Here is how to start the process:

  1. Go to your site of choice
  2. Register an account (not all sites ask you to do this) which will require you to submit: (Your name and surname, DOB, Contact number, Email address, Password)
  3. Select the game you want to play
  4. Check-out by clicking Buy or Booking
  5. Next, all details need confirmation, and you can also select the number of tickets you would like to purchase.
  6. Choose your preferred delivery method and fill out the following details: (Name and Surname, Postal address, Whatsapp number including your country code)
  7. Confirm your order; once confirmed, you will receive an order number which you must save.
  8. Select payment method (Credit card, PAYU, UPI/Bank, etc.)
  9. If you have selected the UPI/Bank payment, you need to save the payment confirmation (screenshot it), and in the corresponding box, enter the transaction ID.
  10. Lastly, you need to wait for the draw results uploaded to the site almost immediately.

How to Receive Winnings

karunya plus lottery onlineIf you purchased Karunya Plus lottery tickets at a retail outlet, you could return to that spot to claim your winnings. However, if you bought the tickets online, check the TC’s of the website you used. Most platforms will assist you in claiming your cash.

Suppose you bought your Karunya Plus tickets from the official Kerala site. In that case, you can either obtain your cash from any registered retail outlet in Kerala or submit all relevant information via Indian Post to their offices:

Inlux Intelligence

Meeyapadavu P.O.

Kasargod, PIN — 671323

What you need to provide their offices:

  • An image of or original ticket
  • Order ID
  • Claim number
  • Confirmation of banking details
  • Valid ID document

Please note that you only have 25 days from the date of the draw to submit your documents. Once they have received your documentation, you can expect your winnings in your bank account within 2-4 weeks.

Where to Check the Karunya Plus Results

Karunya Plus Lottery Results are posted directly after each draw on Kerala’s official website, or you can browse the results checker on our website.

What about Tax on Karunya Plus Winnings?

Yes, unfortunately, you will need to pay 30% tax on any Indian lottery winnings.

₹80, 00,000 Winner

In March 2021, a lucky laborer won the jackpot! This lucky winner only purchased one ticket at the cost of ₹40 and, to his astonishment, took home the top prize. He was so scared someone would rob him, he ran to the nearest police station for protection. The police agreed to hold onto the lucky ticket on his behalf until he claimed his cash.

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