Sikkim State Lottery: Everything You Need to Know About

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Residents of Sikkim appreciate benefiting from the Sikkim State Lottery. With similar being an Indian state that has sanctioned lottery, individuals have a great time playing it. Otherwise called the Sikkim State Lottery Sambad, it is directed by the lottery Government in India.



Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Live Results

Here you can watch Lotteries draw Live.


Some basic Information About Sikkim State Lottery

Numerous people see these lotteries as a part of the every day schedule. It is an administration run lottery that is liable to rules and guidelines that are chosen by the government. It likewise permits betting as a business to add to social government assistance exercises, wellbeing, framework, etc.

Tickets are reasonable and can undoubtedly be purchased from any approved retailer in Sikkim.

The Sikkim Lottery draws


Draws Ticket Cost Frequency of the draw
Dear 2000 Monthly Bumper Rs 2,000 Every month
Dear Monthly Bumper Rs. 2,000 In Jan and March
Dear Durga Puja Bumper Rs. 2,000
Dear 1000 Monthly Bumper Rs. 1,000 Every month
Dear 500 Monthly Bumper Rs. 500 Every month
Dear Bi-Monthly Bumper Rs. 200 In Jan and March
Dear 200 Monthly Bumper Rs. 200 Every month


There are also six Bumper draws that the state government authorises


Bumper Ticket Price (Rs)
Sankranti Bumper 500
Saraswati Bumper 200
Shri Holi Bumper 100
Baisakhi Bumper 200
Diwali Puja Bumper 2,000
Dear New Year Bumper 500

Daily draws cut off at 11:55 am each day. The outcomes can be checked on the Sikkim lottery site’s first page. This makes results simple to check and encourages you remain updated. Derby Meet is drawn at 8 pm each Thursday, while the Puja Bumper is consistently drawn at 2 pm on a Tuesday. Drawing times given here are the most plausible occasions, yet they can be changed whenever required or pre-chosen.

How You Can Play Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim state lottery tickets are accessible all over India. You should go out and really track down an approved retailer. You will at that point need to get the actual ticket from them.

You cannot opt to play this lottery on the web. It would be wise to remember that. This would help avoid traps. There are consistently different lotteries and alternatives accessible for the individuals who like to play online lotteries like Mega Millions or PowerBall.

You can straightforwardly purchase your tickets from an approved vender to find the opportunity to win huge. It is without a doubt evident that Sikkim State Lottery offers astounding prizes for reasonable tickets.

Checking the Results for Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim lottery resultsPlayers don’t need to stress over searching too hard to discover lottery results. Sikkim State Lottery Results are effectively accessible by means of sikkimlotteries com. The Sikkim government site likewise shows the outcomes after they are declared.

For those who do not want to wait until you can read through the pdf on the site, you can even use the sikkimlotteries website to access the live draw option. This presents the YouTube page that is active and shows you live draws so that you can experience the thrill and cross-check with your ticket immediately. This site also shows you old results in a pdf format in case you missed a live draw.

Receiving Your Winnings

If you have cross-checked your lottery ticket and got a win, congratulations. Lottery has some major prizes and jackpots for its lotteries and bumper lottery.

So are you wondering how to claim your prize?

  • Preserve your physical ticket
  • Wins below Rs 10,000 can be paid off by distributors, selling agents, and lottery marketers.
  • For any prize money won above Rs 10,000, claim the reward from the Sikkim Directorate of State Lotteries.
  • Get the claim form from the lotteries website and fill it in.
  • Bring your physical ticket as well as a photo ID proof for the right documentation.
  • Wait for an answer and for your final prize, which will be deposited into your bank account.

These are the steps to follow if you want to claim your prize with a Sikkim State Lottery. This is a longer process than most online lotto agents like TheLotter, but it is because of the strict laws and regulations that Indian state lotteries undergo.

Lottery Wins and Taxes

If you win an amount of more than Rs 10,000, the Sikkim state government will deduct 30% of your winnings in taxes. These taxes are expected to be paid immediately after winning or are automatically deducted before being credited to your account. The probability, however, is higher for players to have smaller wins that are subject to tax exemptions.

The more tickets you take, the better the chance of your wins, basically. The taxes reduced are filed under the ITR statements of the winner.

Online Alternatives

While Sikkim State Lottery is a great option as far as India lotteries are concerned, the possibility of smaller wins and lack of online tickets, along with the large payout time involved, might push you to look for alternatives.

There is a better method to play the lotto online without such limitations.

You can play global lottos like Euromillions for massive amounts of rewards. Play from India by utilizing websites like Lottoland and PlayHugeLottos.

You additionally have the chance to profit by numerous discounts and rewards, as well as being important for their loyalty programs. With better chances of winning, a vastly improved assortment of instant and lottery games, and quicker prizes, these are extraordinary choices to appreciate the genuine online betting from your homes.

Play multiple international lotteries and change your fortune with websites that directly cater to your gaming needs, and bring your favourite lottery to your fingertips!

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